Buying and Selling at auction

Thinking about selling at Auction?

Here at AJB auctions we can help you with the decisions and process involved in getting your goods to market and presenting them to the public so that you receive maximum valve for your goods.  Through our marketing and sales strategies we expose your items to the best buyers in the area.

We can handle all your auction needs. Be it an estate, farm machinery or business liquidation we can sell almost anything.  Auctions are the quickest most efficient way to liquidate all your inventory with nothing left over.  We have competitive rates and can turn your assets into cash.  Call me at 765-479-0624 for a free consultation.

Thinking about buying at Auction?

There's nothing like the excitement of a real auction.  At AJB auctions we strive to keep you entertained so you enjoy your day with us and come back again.  We try to move quickly while maintaining clarity and a willingness to stop and explain what were doing if anyone is confused or doesn't understand what or how we are selling.  Our goal is to always get good selling prices for our sellers but you're sure to find a bargain if you are patient.  We run our auctions fairly and will never run a bid.  Food and restrooms are always available.   So come on out to our next sale and visit with your friends or make some new ones.